In light of the recent pandemic, there is no denying the vital importance of disinfection and cleaning. We all clean our homes but no matter how well we clean, chances are we can still miss out hard to reach spots and other areas. Isn’t that so? Cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes that are interlinked with each other. Cleaning involves the use of water and detergent but disinfecting require chemicals such as bleach, etc. to kill the harmful microbes. Disinfecting uses different kinds of equipment that a professional can only  handle. Our cleaning specialists from EverPro Cleaning–Miami’s top cleaning service–have compiled the following important cleaning tips for you in these turbulent times. So, continue reading to ensure your safety:

  1. Important Cleaning Tips for Bathroom cleaning

The emergence of the new covid-19 strain got us stressed. We must understand the necessity for constant washing everything. But did you know the shocking fact that you can contract germs immediately after washing? That can happen if you have an unclean bathroom! Imagine you washed and then touch the dirty faucet valve to turn the water off. Hence, you immediately compromise the cleanliness of your hand. Our best bet is to disinfect that bathroom in its entirety to stay safe from such. Here are some tips to deep-clean your bathroom:

  1. Clean all the high-touch spaces around the washroom–especially the faucets and valves
  2. Use a specialised mix to clean mirrors to get that sparkly shine
  3. Remove hard water spots floors and elsewhere.
  4.  Always use your own towel which should be clean.
  5. Clean all the switches with alcohol swab and then use dry cloth. 

Can an ordinary person meet a hundred per cent cleanliness level around the toilet? Our professional cleaners can help you clean and disinfect your home sweet home.

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  1. Important Cleaning Tips for  “Outdoor Clothes”

Regular washing of outdoor clothes helps us to remove bacteria, fleas, mites or other allergens. Regular laundry can help us to prevent from infectious diseases such as rash, diarrhoea, skin allergies, etc. We get bacteria or other microbes in our clothes because of the following reasons:

  1. If you take public transport, your clothes touch the same seat as countless others.
  2. There is a lot of dust and other particles in the air. These particles can get trapped in the fibres of the clothes.
  3. When you greet people by hugging, physical contact may transfer germs.

 You must change your clothes when you get home. Here are some tips for your daily laundry:

  • Change your outdoor clothes as soon as you get home
  • Wash them after changing
  • Dry them completely to avoid infections because various strains of harmful bacteria grow rapidly in wet clothes.

That results in your laundry becoming bigger and bigger. And being busy,  laundry can be a hassle for us. What if you could give this chore to someone else? That, too, to a professional? Well, you can! EverPro provides residents of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach County, and Broward County with excellent laundry service. We will take your daily laundry off of your hands and clean it with the utmost care. Enjoy wearing clean, crisp clothes every day. Get in touch with us today and find out more such important cleaning tips!

  1. Important Cleaning Tips for kitchen

The kitchen area requires the most attention and care. You know why? Because that is where the food is! We need food on a regular basis. And the slightest contamination puts us at risk of getting sick. Here are some things you need to remember:

  1. Our stomachs are the most sensitive part of our bodies.
  2. Stomach diseases can be deadly.
  3. Food poisoning occurs through ingesting contaminated food.

 Your kitchen should be properly disinfected to avoid from any kind of gastrointestinal problem. 

  • We should always cleans the utensils in which we eat.
  • Clean the tiles and the counter of your kitchen.
  • Clean all the cabinets from every corner.
  • Regular cleaning of the dust bin.
  • Clean the stoves and oven regularly.

We should try these kitchen cleaning tips but if you want to hire  professional cleaners, do contact  EverPro Cleaning Service. We come equipped with our own tools and handle all the scrubbing, sweeping chores for you!

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  1. Important Cleaning Tips: Regular Changing of Bed Spreads and Linens

Bedspreads can not only become homes to dust mites, but they can also contain a virus for some time. Hence, one should replace them as regularly as one can. Here are some professional applicable tips:

  1. wash and bleach your white linens so that they look brand new.
  2. Wash them on daily basis
  3. Fold and cover them with plastic after they get dried. This will also prevent from entry of harmful microbes into the fabric.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services, contact Everpro cleaning service.Call us on our number or leave us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let’s get cleaning and make your home a germ-free, comfortable space. 

  1. Important Cleaning Tips: Use Anti-Microbial Cleaning Solutions

Did you know that not all cleaning agents get rid of germs? That’s right; some mild solutions do not provide a deep clean. They may give you a visibly clean surface. On a microscopic level, you will still see germs there. You do not want to take that risk. But you should have no worries!  We have tips for you:

  1.  Solutions should not contain ozone-depleting chemicals
  2. It should be safe and yet potent enough to kill even the fiercest strains of viruses and bacteria
  3. Vegan and cruelty-free

If you think it is difficult to buy such cleaning solution and to handle them, don’t worry. We have experts to help you. Everpro cleaning experts have years of experience in cleaning and disinfecting.

Germs never wait to attack. You never know where they could be waiting for you. 

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  1. Important Cleaning Tips: Power Hose the Driveway

With shoes and tires running all over them, driveways can be hotbeds of unwanted germs. Their grainy, textured surface provides the perfect hiding place for such microbes. The best way to get rid of them is to power hose the driveway. Here are some  cleaning tips for the driveway:

  • Power hose the driveway.
  • Use high quality disinfectants.
  • Make sure every instrument you use, is properly sterilized. Dirty or rusty instruments contain harmful bacteria and viruses.

If you are looking for professional service within your budget, contact Everpro cleaning services. Our power tools not only get germs but also get years-old dirt and grime. Be sure to book your appointment with our cleaner today, and we will get to cleaning right this instant!

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7. Important Cleaning Tips: Don’t Forget the Carpet and Curtains

Carpets are yet another textured surface that provides a home to many bugs and crumbs. You want to clean such surfaces out as much as you can.

  • Use vacuum cleaner regularly.
  • Disinfect them with disinfectants occasionally

But with little experience in handling delicate carpets, you risk damaging them. Thus, causing a tremendous loss as carpets don’t come cheap. Skip this hassle altogether and come on over to EverPro Cleaning.

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8. Important Cleaning Tips: Disinfect your gadgets

As of the twenty-first century, it is impossible to avoid using a phone or other digital device. The internet helps us stay connected–something that is all the more important during the pandemic due to social distancing. Don’t you agree? 

Then it is no secret that our phones can gather a lot of gunk with repeated use. So, don’t forget to disinfect them! Following are some tips and tricks for cleaning of your gadgets:

  • Use disinfectant spray to clean the front and back of your device.
  • Use protector for the screens.
  • Use soft cloth to clean the devices.

Or you could hire a team of EverPro experts to clean these for you! Our experts know the proper way of cleaning modern tech without damaging them. An amateur can cause thousands’ worth of damage by using solutions that are non-tech friendly. That will be the least of your troubles with EverPro as our specialists have extensive training in this department.  

9. Important Cleaning Tips: Sweep the Table Tops and Counters

Tabletops and counters are the places we frequently touch. We come home and place our things on them. We put our dishes on them and what not. So, we want to make sure these high-touch surfaces are clean at all times. EverPro offers you the perfect maid service for such tasks and chores. We work around your schedule and provide you with the best quality at the lowest rates. So be sure to check us out if you are looking for someone to do your chores. 

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10. Important Cleaning Tips: Get Every Corner

With covid-19 making fast rounds, you must ensure your home is clean from top to bottom. We should clean and disinfect every corner of our home. Most of the dust microbes reside there because many people ignore the corners. Corners should be clean like any other space of our home. Let’s have a look on some tips and tricks:

  • Firstly dry clean the corners
  • Then use water and disinfectant.
  • Use brush to clean hard to reach areas of the corner.
  • Then clean with the disinfecting cloth.

We understand that can be a demanding task, especially if you are juggling a work-life. Thus, EverPro has made it its mission to provide premium cleaning services to everyone. We believe it is your right to come home to a tidy, fresh living space.

With these important cleaning tips from professionals in mind, you are sure to ride this wave of covid-19 safely. Make use of them and let your friends, family, and loved ones know, too!