Time to clean: 20-24 days. 8am-5pm
Experts: 10
Location: 1801 NW 117th Ave, Miami, FL 33172
Square Footage: 180,000 ft
Dirt Level: Extreme, Heavy Dust.
Budget: $15,000
Inside/Outside: Inside
Tasks: Floor Scrubbing, Remove stickers/glue, Clean exterior of walls, Wipe down stainless steel, Clean exposed pipe, Wipe down lights, Vacuum, Elevators, Baseboards, Bathrooms, Clean Office, Remove yellow stains, Remove dust off bay roll up doors.

home depot

Time to clean: 2 days. 8am-5pm
Experts: 12
Location: 5210 Donald Ross RD, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Square Footage: 104,000ft
Dirt Level: Heavy
Budget: $12,000
Floors: 1 very tall
Inside/Outside: Inside
Task: Floor Scrubber, Wipe down garage doors, Bathrooms, Store front glass, Registers, Paint area.