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to Upholstery and Furniture

How EverPro Navigates the Upholstery Cleaning Process

Is your upholstered furniture looking rather dull to you? Do you feel like the once vibrant shades of color have become muted? Well then, EverPro Cleaning has the perfect solution for you!

Experts at EverPro have the perfect tools to rid your upholstered furniture of decades of dust, soot, germs, and any foreign particles within minutes!

What’s more, EverPro approaches each fabric with an individualized approach; we don’t treat various cloths with the same solutions and tools. That is because dyed linen reacts differently to, say, suede.

Trust EverPro Cleaning to Green Clean Your Upholstery

EverPro Cleaning’s professional upholstery cleaning services are very popular with environmentalists. That is because we care for more than just our customers; we care for the environment, too!

Our professionals use the safest detergents that go deep within the fibers and rid you of pet dander and dust alike; thus, making the furniture an allergy-free zone for your children and family. We guarantee our solvents will not leave behind harsh residues that can cause rashes and such.

EverPro’s solutions are certified environment-safe. Hence, when they leech down into drains, we can rest assured that they won’t cause any problem whatsoever.

EverPro Cleaning’s Advice to Upholstery Owners

Professional upholstery cleaning can be a bit costly. But you know what? That will be the least of your worries when you hire EverPro! We provide top-quality cleaning at the most affordable costs. That said, we do have some advice for upholstery owners to cut down on these costs.

For starters, you want to make sure you are vacuuming routinely–weekly for frequently used furniture. That will ensure no particle settles too deep within for non-expert cleaning methods to reach.

Secondly, we advise removing spillage immediately. If you spill a drink, get a towel and soak up the liquid ASAP. As for the stain? Here’s a quick trick:

  • Mix a little laundry soap with water in equal proportions and stir till they form peaks,
  • Now spread the foam onto the stain and leave to dry,
  • Remove with a coarse towel, and voila! You’ve got yourself stain-free furniture!

Call EverPro to Give Your Furniture a New Life!

We know that when we first buy furniture, it comes with in-built protection. But with time and long-time use, this protection wears off. Fortunately for you, you have EverPro Cleaning professional upholstery cleaning at your service.

Check out our website or call us today to get started. We will refresh your furniture and upholstery from deep within. And we guarantee it will look brand new!

Why Buy New When EverPro Can Renew?

So many people have wasted thousands of dollars on new furniture because they thought it looked old and worn. Well, EverPro is here to help you save those extra expenses! Often, upholstery needs a thorough deep clean to look new again. Our professionals do that and more!

We will leave you with a list of tricks for upkeep. So, get in touch with us today!

Combine our upholstery cleaning service with other services such as rug and curtain cleaning. Make your whole house look brand new again!

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