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When Is It Time to Call Experts for Tile and Grout Cleaning

As of the twenty-first century, there is hardly any house without at least one tiled room. Bathrooms almost always contain tiled floors. That is due to the countless benefits of these sturdy, waterproof sheets. But how do you clean them?

One of the many benefits of tile and grout is, of course, the ease of cleaning. Most of the people will use store-bought detergent to sweep and be done. But is that good enough?

Over time, tile and grout can accumulate a plethora of robust bacteria, stains, and whatnot. In fact, it can even begin to grow mold and blacken! That is when you know it is time. Time to call EverPro Cleaning experts to restore your tile and grout to its former shiny glory!

Are you noticing such signs on your floors? Then pick up the phone and dial us now!

Why You Need to Avail EverPro Cleaning’s Magnificent Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

EverPro Cleaning goes above and beyond to rid you of bacteria and mold. We care about your health and safety. If you think your tiles are clean just because they look clean, then you are in for a shock! Germs love hiding in the damp, dark corners of tile and grout.

Even if your tile and grout don’t contain mold, it can still require a thorough professional scrub if it’s been sitting a long time after installation (or the last clean). The following are some of the things we will make sure to remove from tiles and grout:

  • Friction or skid marks,
  • Dust and dirt,
  • Mold and bacteria,
  • Rotten food and other foreign particles, and
  • Mildew and fungal spores

So be sure to stay on top of tile cleaning!

How EverPro Cleaning Restores Optimal Tile and Grout Health

Our service isn’t any ordinary service; we come equipped with medical-grade solvents. General store-bought mixes are no match for EverPro’s very own solutions. They penetrate deep within layers of collected grime and grease to melt it.

Once our solutions have done the trick, we use specialized tools created for this purpose. Our equipment cleans tile and grout muck in a swift manner. That prevents germs and spores from spreading anywhere else in your rooms.

In the case of tiled kitchens, we use safe detergents that won’t tarnish countertops and cooking surfaces. The last thing we want is for cleaning procedures to become a safety hazard! Hence, with EverPro, you are always in safe hands. We prioritize your safety.

So it’s simple, you want a spotless floor, we provide thorough cleaning!

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