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Expensive Rug a New Life

EverPro Cleaning Handles Rugs with the Best Precision

Let’s face it. Rugs are exorbitantly expensive! Be it an area rug or a handmade traditional Persian rug. These pieces are made with extreme delicacy.

Hence, cleaning them requires an equal amount of precision and care.

With a regular cleaning service, you run the risk of damaging your exotic rug. That’s why rug cleaning requires a professional to restore it to its former glory. Now the question is, where to look for such a service? Well, look no further!

EverPro Cleaning is here to rescue your rug!

EverPro Cleaning provides its customers with the best rug cleaning service that is approved by rug manufactures! We offer a plethora of cleaning methods. So, you get to decide which mode of action is the best suited for your rug AND your pocket!

EverPro Cleaning Is an Affordable Solution to Your Expensive Rug Cleanliness

Trusting a cleaning service with your prized rug can be a difficult task. But with EverPro Cleaning, you have nothing to worry about! We keep our clients in the loop and inform them of every step of the process.

In addition to providing options on cleaning methods, we also give our clients recommendations. Don’t know what to choose? Ask us! Our rug cleaning experts have years of experience.

We understand what solution reacts the best with which rug.

So, don’t risk thousands worth of damage to your precious rug at the hands of an inexperienced service. Bring it over to EverPro Cleaning instead. You will not be disappointed!

EverPro Cleaning Gets Even the Tiniest Hidden Particles

Does your rug have a visible stain? If you answered yes, then we want you to know that it’s reversible! That’s right! EverPro Cleaning employs the best methods that get rid of even the toughest of stains from your rug.

We believe rugs are a piece of art. Hence, they should receive the same treatment. That’s why, for the most delicate rugs, we recommend steam cleaning or the hot water boiling method. In the latter, we replace detergents with scalding water that shakes loose deep-lying dirt, mites, food particles, etc.

We guarantee that your rug will be as good as new after our thorough cleaning treatments.

What’s more, we charge our clients reasonably! There’s no reason you should empty your pocket to maintain your rugs, is there. It is an essential part of life. And we intend to make it seamless.

So are you ready to bring the colors of your rug back to life again? Then get in touch with us on our official number right now! EverPro Cleaning will be more than happy to accommodate your appointment shortly!

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