Housekeeping Service

EverPro Cleaning — Housekeeping Service

In addition to extensive cleaning drives and other cleaning services, EverPro’s housekeeping service is a client favorite. This service is perfect for the people who would instead do other vital tasks than managing household duties. We understand that it can be hard to do daily chores in busy work life. That is why we provide you with sublime housekeeping service; you can now relax and focus on yourself while we clean around the house. Here’s what EverPro Cleaning has to offer you in this package:

  1. Routinely dishwashing
  2. Laundry service
  3. Making of beds
  4. Wiping of glass surfaces
  5. Vacuuming of floors
  6. Dusting around every surface
  7. Mopping and sanitizing
  8. Clearing out of trashcans into the garbage trunks
  9. Scrubbing of winks and bathroom areas–including the toilets
  10. Rearranging cushions and things back into their original position

And that’s not all! EverPro’s housekeeping service is essentially like the helping hand you need in your everyday life. Our residential housekeepers are available to hire according to your schedule. We are really very flexible in that. Connect with us today to find out just how much!

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